Users often wonder how to view newly received mail in their iPhone notification center. This quick 'How-To' video will show you a step by step process on how to do so.

To set this up, click on your settings icon. Click on notifications and scroll down to mail. Once on the mail screen, select the option right below notification center. This will select how many items you want to see in your notification center. You can set it to 1 item, 5 items, or 10 items. Once selected, press back. From here, you can set individual rules for accounts tied to your mail app. Click on the account you want to edit. From here you can select whether this account will show up in the notification center. What type of notification you want to receive: banners, alerts or none, whether new items will leave a badge app icon, the type of sound made when a new item arrives, whether a preview is shown with the item, and if it will be visible in the lock screen. Once you update every account to your preference, press the home button and you are done.

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