Deliver full SLA quality performance to your end users using Slice.


Network performance is controlled by Slice using a variety of available features; all of which exist to deliver optimal internet experiences for end users in conjunction with cost savings for operators. Service levels can be defined and maintained with minimal operator intervention using the following Slice features:

  • Uplink aggregation within Slice enables operators to input multiple uplinks and output as one pipe, enabling opportunities for cost savings via vendor management.
  • Per user bandwidth limitations allow operators to define usage quotas and speed limitations per user to ensure a fair and functional experience for all end users.
  • Uplinks can be associated to groups of end users. This enables the operator to offer premium or advanced options alongside a standard internet experience to end users.
  • Automatic failover between uplinks enables Slice to designate certain uplinks as backup-only to support shadow leased line, satellite or WWAN backup scenarios.

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