Users often put Outlook in offline mode and mistake it for not working. If Outlook loses its connection to the Exchange server for a while, it may go into Offline mode. To see whether Outlook is working online or offline, look in the lower right corner of the screen. If you are connected to Exchange, it will say "Connected to Microsoft Exchange". If you are working offline, it will say "Working Offline".To fix the problem, select the Send/Receive tab at the top your screen, find the Work Offline button, which should be highlighted yellow, and press it once. The notification at the bottom should switch to "Connected to Microsoft Exchange". If you are still unable to connect to the Exchange server after unchecking Work Offline, it may say "Disconnected". If this is the case then your computer may be disconnected from the network or the server isn't reachable. In this situation reboot and if it still shows disconnected and not one of the other options above then contact GGGroup.

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