Enterprise Grade WiFi Systems for Event Spaces, Conferences and Trade Shows.

Event Spaces

Event technology is constantly evolving. Event spaces that can stay ahead of the curve are the ones that flourish. Slice delivers the network capabilities required to deliver stable and robust event WiFi such as uplink aggregation and bandwidth allocation while concurrently enabling a collection of user facing marketing capabilities. Whether in a permanent environment such as a medium-or-large-sized event space or for a temporary install for short terms events, conferences or trade shows, Slice can assist the event industry with the following capabilities:

  • Uplink aggregation grants freedom to event producers when shopping for bandwidth. Rather than being limited to one provider, event producers can purchase service from multiple providers and output the bandwidth as one giant pipe.
  • Uplink allocation allows the event producer to assign different uplinks for different purposes. For example, a provider with a 99% SLA (service level agreement) can be assigned to an exhibitor for registration or payment processing purposes,while a provider with no SLA can be assigned for amenity WiFi for event attendees.
  • Bandwidth allocation ensures even distribution of bandwidth per user. Users will only be able to access bandwidth as defined by the event producer. This eliminates situations where one user accidentally hogs all the available bandwidth by streaming videos or other activities, limiting other users from accessing the internet
  • Captive portals add a layer of marketing capabilities to an otherwise untapped channel. Users are met with a fully branded login page upon selecting the event SSID. The portal can be used to deliver targeted messages, downloadable media, advertisements and more.
  • Demographic information collection via portal login allows event producers to collect valuable information from their event attendees for use in future marketing efforts.
  • Tiered policies allow different internet experiences for event attendees, exhibitors and event staff.
  • Web history reporting allows transparency in end user browsing history.
  • Proactive security ensures wrong-doing such as pirating, phishing, hacking, spamming and more is not committed by users on the event network.
  • Advertising features such as ad overlays, timed injections, and persistent overlays enable event producers to take full control of what’s being advertised to end users. This is an excellent opportunity to collect revenue to displace the cost of deploying an event network.
  • Ability to work with multiple radio providers means events spaces won’t have to replace existing equipment.

Implementing Slice is a no-brainer for event spaces. Being able to not only offer reliable WiFi access but the ability to customize and mold the WiFi & internet as per every event’s requirements, creates an exciting competitive advantage and will attract new clients and guests to the space. Forget added benefits, Slice is a MUST when deploying wired and wireless internet at events for guests, vendors and sponsors. For more information check out our video and blog article: WiFi At Events: 7 Tips For Event Planners.

Slice event WiFi system is ideal for:

  • Conferences and conventions
  • Trade shows
  • Event spaces
  • Temporary events
  • Pop-up shops
  • Outdoor and Indoor events
  • Events with hundreds or even thousands of attendees
  • Breakout sessions or workshops where attendees will require dedicated internet access
  • Dead zone event spaces
  • Any event requiring short term internet service

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