Leverage foot traffic to generate revenue over WiFi.

Commercial Office Buildings

Office buildings are hubs for both transient visitors and retail locations. The need for WiFi goes beyond the basic offerings available by most providers and the opportunity for revenue generation is one that can only be delivered by Slice. Slice delivers more than just thorough automated network management capabilities for commercial locations; it enables the ability to leverage the property's existing qualities in order to provide added value for guests and retailers while providing revenue opportunities for the property.

Being able to provide consistent coverage throughout the property is invaluable to certain types of business users. Commercial properties with a large population of mobile business users have the ability to collect payment for internet access; delivering necessary value while concurrently recovering funds used to install and maintain the implementation.

Having the ability to feature a branded portal and custom advertising creates opportunities to collect direct advertisement revenue from internal and nearby retail locations. Sponsorships opportunities are supported via Slice's portal and user experiences options and can be sold as template-based solutions or completely custom implementations.  Pricing is operator defined and can be adjusted to meet the location's unique requirements.

Additional benefits for commercial office buildings provided by Slice include:

  • Uplink aggregation grants freedom to property network operators when choosing a provider. Multiple providers can be selected based on price or reliability and can be output as multiple pipes or even one pipe.
  • Uplink allocation allows the network operator to assign different uplinks for different purposes. This functionality essentially allows the building to act as an ISP, distributing bandwidth to its tenants.
  • Bandwidth allocation and load balancing ensures even distribution of bandwidth per user. Users will only be able to access bandwidth as defined by the operator. This eliminates situations where one user accidentally hogs all the available bandwidth by streaming videos or other activities, limiting other users from accessing the internet. If there are more concurrent users than planned for, the load balancing feature will adjust the per user limits to support all users fairly.
  • Portals deliver targeted messages, downloadable media, advertisements and more, enabling a new marketing and revenue channel.
  • Demographic information collection via portal login provides invaluable significance for marketing efforts.
  • Tiered policies allow different internet experiences for different levels of users.
  • Web history reporting allows transparency into end user browsing history.
  • Proactive security ensures wrong-doing such as pirating, phishing , hacking, spamming and more is not committed by users on the network.
  • Advertising features such as ad overlays, timed injections and persistent overlays enable the network operator to take full control of what’s being advertised to end users. This is an excellent opportunity to collect revenue to displace the cost of deploying an event network.
  • Ability to work with multiple radio providers means the cost of implementation can be significantly reduced.


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