Slice Wireless Solutions Provides Internet & WiFi For The Kingpins Show by Olah, Inc.

Since 1959, Olah, Inc. has been producing beautiful and compelling textiles and apparel for consumers. In 2004, Olah, Inc. decided to throw a textile party that later became known as The Kingpins Show. The Kingpins Show was a huge success and is now held annually in multiple cities around the world, including some of the most prominent event venues in New York City.

Olah, Inc needed a fast and reliable Internet & WiFi connection for their event held in The Skylight Group’s Clarkson Square location. The goal was to provide internet access to their exclusive invite-only guests as well as their large admin team who would be working directly from the event venue during the course of the show. The network needed to be strong and robust so that the admin staff never missed a beat and could concentrate on the many moving parts that make up such a high-end event.

The Deployment

Slice Wireless Solutions deployed a mammoth WiFi network, consisting of over 15 access points, dispersed across the 5 studios of the venue. Slice also brought in a 100mb fiber connection to make sure there was plenty of bandwidth to go around. Slice created 3 different SSIDs, one for guests, one for admin staff, and one for exhibitors. Each SSID was assigned to a separate VLAN and had unique policies associated with each based on the specific needs of every group. Slice provided real time bandwidth utilization reports to the Olah, Inc. staff as well as a cumulative bandwidth report at the end of the event.

The Results

The event was flawless! Hundreds of guests were tweeting, instagramming and snapchatting simultaneously and not one user reported a dropped connection or slow speeds. The Olah, Inc. admin staff were able to use the network to work as if they were still in their offices. The Olah. Inc team even used the bandwidth utilization reports to make decisions on future bandwidth purchases for events. Olah, Inc. was so satisfied with the results of this event, they contracted Slice to provide internet and WiFi for their remaining shows in 2015.

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