The user experience on your WiFi will determine if users return or not.

User Experience

Slice can be used as a powerful marketing tool simultaneously with its network related capabilities. WiFi is an untapped marketing resource, demanded by many, used by almost none. The reason is simple: the solution just doesn’t exist, until now. Slice can deliver some of the following marketing capabilities for operators:

  • Branded custom portals greet users at authentication. Portals can range from a simple "accept terms" page to a complex microsite, populated with exclusive information available only over the operator’s network.
  • Timed injection advertisements that are pushed to the end user's device based on time or action. The advertisement can be left onscreen until an action is completed (video is watched, button is clicked, form is filled out, etc.) or until a time requirement is met (must be onscreen for 30 seconds).
  • Advertisement overlays can detect existing advertisements on the web and overlay them with preloaded advertisements. This is especially useful for local advertising programs and can be used to generate significant revenue via the sale of advertisement space.
  • SMS & email notification which uses information collected via the portal page to send text advertisements to end users via SMS or email. 

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