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7 Technologies To Boost Your Social Media

7 Technologies To Boost Your Social Media

Have you given all your best to your social media presence, but you not are getting your desired results? Making it worse, you hear success stories of other businesses, and you can’t figure it out, why it’s only you. I also know how it feels, to give your media platforms a boost, to the extent of hiring professionals to help you revamp your performance, but nothing comes your way. So, if you want your breakthrough to arrive earlier, multiply your efforts in social media platforms. However, don't just multiply the effort, you must do it right. Below are 7 technologies and ways to boost your social media effectiveness:

1. Know when to post

Do you have a schedule of when is the best time, to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? If your posting is always random, you are doing it wrong. Luckily, technology has helped us identify the best days to post and the best times to do the posting. However, all social media platforms have different timing requirements, but mastering the art is pretty easy. For example,
The best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with the last two having the highest engagement rating. That’s not all; there is specific timing within these days that the engagement rate will be higher. On Facebook, the best times to post are 9 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm.
The timing is different for Twitter, where the best day is Wednesday, and the best timing is 12 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm. So before you post about your new release or flash sales, have timing in mind.

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2. Use tools to chart your social media performance

How do you rate your current social media performance? If you can't comprehensively answer this question, and back your answer with data, that should be your next assignment. There are tools on the market, both free and paid, that you can utilize, to help you take your business social media presence to the next level. Some of these tools will help you measure performance and chart the performance. Others will make it easy when managing multiple accounts.
Below are some of these tools that you can utilize,

  • Rignite- is a tool that offers you the best and easiest way to manage multiple social media accounts. With this tool, all your platforms are seen on a single dashboard. You can also schedule when you will be doing your postings.
  • Mention- the easiest way to instantly know what is trending. You will also get alerted when specific keywords, related to your profession or business are trending. This way, you can timely respond, and sell your brand and products.
  • Other tools that you will find useful include, Twtrland, LikeAlyzer, Swayy and Nimble.

3. Utilize the high Conversion Keywords

Just as keywords are critical on the search engines, so they are on social media. Remember, you aren’t the only one posting. If you aren’t careful, your post will be hidden, even before you refresh. To counter this, use keywords that help rank your postings high.

For Example,

  • Facebook- When, Where, Tell Us, Deals, Submit, Discounts and such.
  • Mention- Follow, ReTweet, Social media, Check out, New Blog Post.
  • Google+- Promote, Share, Discover, Create, Increase.
  • LinkedIn- Researched, Reduced, Developed, Increased, Created, Improved.

Have you ever noticed the high usage of these keywords in the big shot companies’ postings? There is a secret behind their use.

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4. Invest in graphic design

The first struggle on social media is to package your content in a way that you will hold your visitors for the first 15 seconds. There is no better way of achieving this than by developing visual content. Research has shown that visual content attracts much engagement. There is no shortcut here. Start making high-quality images, vines, videos, GIFs and any other visual content that suits your audience. Instead of posting a 200-word count post, why don't you create a video? Instead of explaining the new changes in your organization in a post, why don't you create an infographic to show that? At the end of the day, you want to win your online visitor, to click on your content, act on it, and more importantly, to share in their networks.

5. Utilize hashtags

Before publishing any post, put yourself in the shoes of your target customers. How will they see your post? Will it be accidental or are you going to make your postings easy to find? Today, the power of hashtags can’t be underestimated. Many users search for specific hashtags, to make it easier for them to find what they want. On your end, if you package your contents with hashtags, your content will be more visible. Hashtags also facilitate discussions, trends, and chats.

6. Make Concise and short update

You will agree with me that long updates are less appealing. Unless, a long update has very many likes, shares, and favorites, social media users will assume it. To avoid this, create a concise post, which passes the intended post. Why do you think Twitter want you to publish content within the 140 characters limit?-To help you achieve more engagement.

7. Create worthy content

Across all online platforms, content is king. From your blog, website, to all the social media platforms. Creating and packaging your posts carefully will boost your online presence and performance. The secret behind this is –strive to strike and fuel debate and conversation. After each post, ask your followers an open-ended question. Additionally, request them to share within their network
The power of social media can’t be underestimated or overemphasized; you can get your breakthrough courtesy of social media. However, if you aren’t able to navigate and meet the needs of the users, you stand to gain nothing. The only way out is employ technology to help you achieve interactions and not just that; to achieve more sales for your products and services.

Author Bio

Katleen Brown, a content writer. She loves to publish her articles on various technical related websites. In her spare time, she likes to do research and writing articles to bring awareness. She is working as Communication Practitioner and Technocrat Expert Writer. Advocating all types of technical professionals. Connect with her on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter


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