Consistent Connections. Professional Support. We have WiFi down to a science. 

Deploying WiFi for events can be notoriously difficult to manage, but not with SLICE. Our event WiFi services are turn-key and cover all aspects of temporary enterprise level wireless installations. Some key benefits of using SLICE for your next event:

  • Tiered Access – Deliver internet access to different tiers of users and manipulate the internet experience for each.
  • On-Site Technical Support – We offer several levels of on-site support, ranging from network engineers to on-site helpdesk.
  • Remote Support – We’re always keeping an eye on your network from our Midtown headquarters. If notice any lapse in service, we can be at your event location within 30 minutes
  • Enterprise Level Equipment – We only use the best of the best. Our equipment is meant for densely populated environments and can support several thousand concurrent connections with ease.
  • Full Customization – The SLICE Gateway allows you to fully customize your event WiFi network, giving you the ability to create a different experience for every level of user on your network.
  • Content & Packet Filtering – Filter out undesirable sites and applications in order to maintain integrity on your event WiFi network.
  • Client Isolation – Prevent users from accessing the devices of others by isolating every devices in its own unique VLAN.
  • Marketing Over WiFi – The SLICE Gateway enables a collection of marketing over WiFi features including:
    • Branded splash pages
    • Advertisement overlays
    • Media injection
    • Hosted media
    • Static overlays
    • Social media API integration
  • Usage Reports & Data Collection – The SLICE Gateway can produce hundreds of network usage and individual user reports, during and after the event.

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